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Game Play Rules for  NEPSAC boys basketball 

     Class AAA:  Plays NCAA Rules

          Including game lengths of 40 minutes

          When nonAAA teams play at AAA courts, the two teams will agree on the 3 point line distance to be used for that game.

           When AAA teams play at nonAAA courts, the home team's 3 point line will be used.

     Classes AA - D:
        1.   AA Games are 36 minutes in length with two 18 minutes halves (OT is 4 minutes).

             A-D Games are 32 minutes in length with two 16 minutes halves (OT is 4 minutes).

            When cross-class games are played, the length of the game will comply with the home team's rules (unless local conference rules say otherwise).          

        2.   A 30-second shot clock is used.  Additionally, we play according the NCAA rule for the shot clock in regards to a kicked-ball:  the shot clock does not reset if there is more than 14 seconds remaining, if anything less than 14 seconds remains, the shot clock will be reset to 14 seconds after the kick.

        3.   4 full (60 seconds each) and 2 30-second time-outs are available during regulation play.

        4.   During a free throw, the low blocks will not be occupied, and players along the sides of the lane can move on the release of the ball. The shooter and players behind the 3-point arc must hold their positions and may not cross the foul line (or foul line extended) until the ball hits the rim.

        5.   The game clock does not stop on made baskets at any time.

        6.   There is a 10 second rule for getting the ball over half court.

·         Home team is expected to provide balls for warm-ups for both teams.