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Game Allowance
AAA – 34 :: AA – 30 :: A – D 25.

If you participate in a league that has playoffs you must account for all possible playoff games. For
example, the FAA has an 8 team playoff with three possible games, so the maximum number of games
scheduled for FAA teams is 22, which leaves room for the three playoff games. Teams that exceed the
game limit will be held accountable in NEPSAC Tournament play, or the following season if a team does
not qualify for the NEPSAC Tournament.

Game Length and Home Team Rules
AAA – 20 minute halves :: AA – 18 minute halves :: A-D – 16 minute halves

Games that take place between classes with different game lengths are to be played by the rules of the
home team (unless a league policy dictates otherwise). For example, the Lakes Region includes Brewster
and Proctor. If Brewster plays at Proctor the expectation is that they follow AA rules and policies.
However, if the game is at Brewster the policies and rules of AAA will be applicable.

Up Game Limit
The maximum number of “Up Games” that can be played is six. All Showcase Events or “Tournaments”
against higher classified teams that do not crown a champion are considered “Up Games.” For holiday,
tip-off, or mid-season tournament games that crown a champion, you must account for all possible
match-ups against teams in a higher classification.

Scrimmage Policy
Any scrimmage after a school’s first scheduled game will be considered a game and will be counted
toward the game limit.

● All set schedules need to be sent to Class Tournament Chairs by November 15 th , 2019. Any
games added to the schedule after this date will have no bearing on the NEPSAC Tournament
Seeding or Saylor Point System. Those games will count as non-games, but will count toward the
game limit.

● Any games removed from the schedule without the approval of both athletic directors after Nov.
15 th will result in a forfeit for the team unwilling to play the game.

● Any Showcase events scheduled after Nov. 15 th will NOT have bearing on NEPSAC Tournament
Seeding or Saylor Point System. Those games will also count as non-games and will count
toward the game limit.

Allowable Contacts
● A coach may provide occasional skill oriented informal training/instruction to up to three student
athletes at a time outside of their sport’s assigned season. * Regularly scheduled supervised
workouts are not within the spirit of the policy. This informal time may not take place during
regularly scheduled afternoon program time at your school. A coach may not directly or
indirectly require a student athlete to participate in such training/instruction. Schools are
encouraged to monitor this contact in order to make sure that it is informal as well as reasonable
in amount so as to be consistent with the letter and spirit of this policy.

● Summer coaching is allowed.

● A coach may coach his/her own child out of season.

● Allowable contacts begin December 1, 2013, and the statement, “Coaches shall not coach varsity
athletes on non-school teams during the school year,” will begin in the Fall of 2014.


Start Date
● Saturday, November 9th (the second Saturday of November).

● AAA – Saturday, November 2nd (the first Saturday of November)

NEPSAC Tournament Dates
● March 4th – Quarterfinal Games
● March 7th– Semi-Final Games
● March 8th – Championship Games

In-Class Game Minimum and NEPSAC Tournament Eligibility
While there is no minimum for in-class games played for tournament consideration because of conference
and geographical restraints, a member school must make an effort to play against other teams in their
respective class. Tournament eligibility is determined by one of the following two criteria: (1) .500 or
better against in-class opponents, or (2) .500 or better against NEPSAC competition.

Although verbal contact between schools is allowed, scouting (including exchanging or distributing a
game film) of future opponents without the permission of all the athletic directors involved is prohibited.
This policy is not enforced during games that are part of a multi-school tournament (e.g. Holiday
PLEASE NOTE: NEPSAC will allow all coaches to view any film that is part of a public domain.
Should you have any additional questions about this please discuss with NEPSMBA President, Sean
Kelly (Wheeler), or the Athletic Director of your school.

Secondary school coaches should refrain, for the purpose of recruiting, from contacting directly a
student-athlete at a NEPSAC pre-preparatory school prior to that student’s final year. Likewise,
secondary coaches should refrain, for the purposes of recruiting, from contacting directly a student-athlete
who is enrolled at another NEPSAC secondary school unless the student and/or parent has initiated
contact with the school in question.
NEPSAC schools should refrain from allowing a candidate for admissions to practice or ‘tryout’ for a
particular team. Those schools and/or coaches who violate the spirit of the above should be reported to
the NEPSAC Executive Board for further action.

Workouts during a School Visit
Any workouts or practice involvement by prospective students are strictly prohibited.