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The Hoop Hustles Best of NEPSAC Showcases Videos


For some video highlights of the inaugral NEPSAC D1 Live Period Scholastic Showcases that featured >250 college prospects playing infront of >280 college coaches at Milton Academy (MA) and Hamden Hall (CT) in June, 2019, click on this link below:



posted 07/06/2019
NEPSAC June Live Period Scholastic Showcases - Save the Dates


To see the Players' Preview write-ups for the Milton Academy event, click here

To see the Players' Preview write-ups for the Hamden Hall event, click here


To register for the Scholastic Events, go to



* To get an NCAA student athlete number, go to


posted 05/02/2019
NEPSAC Class AAA Tournament

2019 Class AAA Tournament 

Champions: Northfield Mount Hermon

Tournament MVP: Chris Ledlum

 Finals Game Recap   

posted 02/26/2019
NEPSAC Class AA Tournament

2019 Class AA Tournament 

Champions: St Andrews School (RI)

Tournament MVP: Brycen Goodine

Tournament Story Recap 

posted 02/25/2019
NEPSAC Class A Tournament

2019 Class A Tournament

Champions: Phillips Exeter Academy (NH)

Tournament MVP: Pearson Parker

posted 02/24/2019
NEPSAC Class B Tournament

2019 Class B Tournament 

Champions: Hamden Hall Country Day (CT)

Tournament MVP: Jackson Benigni

Finals Game Recap


posted 02/23/2019
NEPSAC Class C Tournament

2019 Class C Tournament 

Champions: Hyde School (ME)

Tournament MVP: Aidan Carpenter

posted 02/22/2019
NEPSAC Class D Tournament

2019 Class D Tournament 

Champions: New York Military Academy 

Tournament MVP: Xavier Gibbs

Finals Game Recap

posted 02/21/2019
NCAA Redefines June Evaluation Events



posted 02/19/2019
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